Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Nothing really to talk about. Went to Manitoba last weekend, had a blast in Yorkton on the way there. Etc Etc. Long story short, I forgot my camera, have no pictures to share.

So to bide your time til' I do soMething interesting, here's something neat! Drag your mouse over this and click to feed the fishies!

Here's the dude's website who created this:

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Tricky Trickerson

I’ve been watching a lot of Dragon’s Den on Netflix lately, and I’d like to think I’m getting to know a lot of the Dragon’s personalities.

Specifically, I’m talking about Kevin O’Leary. This guy knows business, and he’s not modest about that fact. His attitude is bold, brash, and to put it simply, obnoxious. He’s an excellent villain for the whole show, and while the other Dragons are just at cutthroat, you don’t notice because Kevin is so over-the-top.

 But here’s something I noticed: He buys things on the show that he likes. In the first couple of seasons he bought a banana holder, a scarf thing, and a dimmer switch/Christmas bulb. Everyone has a laugh, the inventors feel proud of themselves, and the show moves on.

But you know what’s interesting about the things he buys? They all either non-patented or easily replicated without violating an existing patent, and he’ll say so on the show.

 It could be coincidence, but I have strong, sneaking suspicion that maybe Mr. O’Leary gets his R&D folks to replicate and patent these products under one of his companies. I’m not saying he DOES do that, it just seems like a funny coincidence that makes me raise an eyebrow.

Anyway that's my conspiracy theory for the day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hammelltime Envelope Etravaganza

So this writing project I started? Far more grueling than I expected. It takes forever to write a bunch of letters! However, it is still fun, and you definitely get into a groove after a bit. Here's a picture of all my writing supplies:

The beer was just for show. It was like 9:30 AM when I took this picture. I waiting til' 10:30 to crack into that.

I had figured I'd do around 20 of the letters when I started on Saturday. Well, two and half hours later, I was done 5.

 Albeit, I did have to go buy envelopes and paper. But still, that's a big chunk of time. What's worse is that I got flustered and bought the wrong type of paper. Foolscap three hole paper. Wrong! That's not what you're supposed to write letters on.

So that's where I'm at with this project so far. It took a solid 6 hours of research to find everyone's mailing addresses, and that still doesn't mean I found everyone. As it turns out, lots of celebrities don't have their addresses listed. Go figure! Anyway, if my math is correct, it should only take me 18 more hours to write all these letters. That's if I don't dilly dally. Phew! I'll keep you updated.