Monday, 24 September 2012

My Very First, Vinda, But not reallly, Marathon

Foreword: I ran the 12x12 Race yesterday, and for those not in the know, it's a pretty ridiculous competition. I'll let my completely obliterated self explain what it is in detail in a moment. 

Last night after the race I sat down to write this blog entry with intentions of cleaning it up and posting it today. 

But I've decided to leave it as is. So below is my drunk account of the 12x12. This was written after drinking 12 beers in 2.5 hours and I'm honestly impressed that I managed to put this together. Enjoy!

Working at a young people station inSaskatoon gives me access to weird contests.

A local bra of Saskatooon operate a race every fall called the 12x12. Eseentialy, you run walk or jog 12 kilometres, and driunk 12 beer. Soudn simple, is incrediblyh hard. A coworker and I walked the whole shebang. We did not expect to take first, and that was our first disbelief. But we did exceptionally well!

Here's a pictoral progrresiion of how things went:

First, Jen made a sign to cheer me on

As I at the last second over what I'd drink, I chose my usual poison, Moosehead Lager

Here's my coworker, and i. We were the only two people from our workplace to take on the challenge. Muscle up yo! 

Here's the whole crew of competitors. Jess and I agreed after seeing some of the competitors (AKA, the 250 pound men) that we were a slight intimidated after the fact

Here's Jen and me at the starting line with the sign she made me. As you can see, there's miles and miles to run

Boom, shotgun start

Here's us at the halfway mark

 This is the finshline
and unfortunaly, I wansn't first. When the race is finished, the chief owner of the race pukes. This signals when someone finsishs of the end of the race.

 this is us comung up on the last 1km

 here's me finishing 2nd

and finally, after tipping back the last of this beer, I placed seconds. 12KM, 12 beers, and I dominated. Great fundaiser, all in efforts of suppourting anti-domestic abuse situations

Thursday, 13 September 2012

More Random Commercials

I've been quite lackadaisical in the update region of things lately, so here's some of what I've been turning out at work.

First up: Martin Motorsports

They wanted something "In-your-face and Risque," and I was having a hard time figuring how to do a boat ad that also pushed people's comfort boundaries. So I was trading ideas back and forth for about an hour until Jen suggested I do something overtly sexual. It all clicked at once and in short this got thrown through production.

Next: Anti-Drink PSA

Every radio station in Canada that runs commercials for alcohol has to run some PSA's about safe/responsible drinking to offset the "Negative social impact" booze has on our nation. That's not quite the actual legislation, but it's the basic idea. So this one of several rough-draft PSAs I made up, this isn't the final product, but an near-finished version.

Next: Burgers Blooper

This is a blooper from a commercial I ran. I told the announcer to be "More sing-songy" in the way he was reading this line. Instead of livening up the read we ended up with an actual song. FYI, let me know if you want a copy of that for a ringtone. It's perfect!

You're welcome everyone. The burgers are done.