Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Foolin' in Photoshop: Posters about People

So I still have nothing to talk about. I went to the three quarters of the Brier finals last weekend thanks to friends and last-minute text messages. But seeing as how I didn't take any good photos there's not too much to tell you about.

As a result, here's another edition of Hammelltime featuring weird things I made in Photoshop!
After good response from my "Cale Truckin' Inc." series, I decided to keep with the theme and make some posters using my friend's Facebook photos.
They're all expertly crafted. Can you believe nobody has hired me yet to do graphic design for them?

Here was my first effort, starring Joel Gasson:

That's a Russian obituary in the background. True story.

Second, here's Tom Laird from Rock 97.7 in Grande Priarie:

I spelled 'sincerely' wrong, but Tom don't care! He's his own man, struttin' along to beat the of his own darbuka!
(This is what a darbuka is. Tom don't care! He'll strut to whatever he wants!)

Now here's an experience I know EVERYONE can relate to: You know when you're looking through Google Images for pictures of the North Korean army doing winter readiness training and you find a special image that just "fits?" Well, here's an advert of my old pal Raj featuring the DPRK's military.
The cake really is that good.

And finally, here's my friend Graham; He's big in the Crips. West-side represent!

Anywhoo, that's about it! So remember, for all your top-notch photoshoppin' needs, just call Hammelltime Productions! Whatever you need, You Got it Dude!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Skittles Ads are Back

If anyone were to ask me "Jake, what's your favourite ad campaign?" The answer would obviously be the Skittles "Taste the Rainbow" series. They're insane, weird, sometimes creepy, and totally awesome. Skittles has been doing the "Random" thing years before other companies made it the norm in advertising.

This entry is just a semi-excuse to find a reason to repost this picture

But, nearly a year ago, the agency(TBWA) who produced Skittles ads lost their client due to a reshuffling of contracts. A sad loss for television! However, this week, three NEW Skittles commercials from a different agency have been released!

Have a look, and let me know if you think they stack up against Skittles previous benchmarks. Personally, I like 'Cranky,' the first one. The part where the nerd lifts up his shirt and is completely ripped makes me giggle and giggle.

This is a good start! They're not as good as some of the old skittles spots, but it could be the beggining of a new era. A new, weird, era.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jakes Need to Stick Together

So Yesterday a girl in Kingston Ontario proposed to her long-time boyfriend (Jake) on the radio. This is a leap-year tradition, in which girls put the pants on this one day of the year and propose to men instead of the other way around?

Heartwarming, right?

Well not when the guys freaks out on her on live radio.

It looks like this guy Jake may be Kingston's most hated guy, at least for the day. Here's a collection of the wonderful things people had to say about him:

Also, if you can't read the small blurry text, just click on the images. Blogger super sucks for this type of stuff.

So yeah, how about that guy Jake? What a dick! If anyone sees him, you should definitely tell him what's on your mind. Not that any of you would ever see him in person unless you were in Kingston. That guy is giving people with our name a bad reputation.

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