Monday, 18 July 2011

Wakeride 2011

This past weekend Wakeride 2011, a music and wakeboarding festival. The wakeboarding? Missed all of it. Didn't see a single second of it. However the music was awesome! Got to see Lyrics Born and K-OS on the same stage! Theres not much to say, except that it was awesome! I had a blast at the shows, as well as seeing some friends from Manitoba who came up to Saskatoon and stayed with me.

Now here's a bunch of pictures

Things got off to awkward start between Matt and Chad

Thankfully, Lyrics Born came on and lightened the mood

Then K-OS came on, and rocked the house. The dude had great crowd interaction, and i was so close I could almost touch him. Which sounds creepy, but I swear it isn't!

Next, there was this security dude, who wasn't entertained at all. Lighten up!

At one point, one of the band memebers started shaking a pineapple at the microphone. There must have been something in it that made noise, but I like to think that he was just shaking a pineapple for the hell of it.

And then, just as my bladder was about to explode, K-OS finished his totally awesome encore, and that was it. Show's over!

I don't really have much more to add. I got kicked in the head by a crowd surfer, which wasn't fun, but that was just a small blip in an otherwise awesome night. If you can catch this guy live, do it! Or better yet, if you can come to Wakeride, let's go next year!

The Dudes - Dropkick Queen of the Weekend

Monday, 11 July 2011

Dear Tomato...

I was wrong.

There, I said it. It’s taken years to admit, but I was wrong. I’ve originally avoided you because I honestly didn’t like you. Your friends tomato sauce and ketchup, who are loaded with sugar and salt were cool, but I didn’t like you just by yourself.

However, I’ve come around. I decided to give you a fair chance after a friend’s husband said “I used to hate tomatoes too, but I just decided to put with them.”

So I took baby steps. I started with diced tomatoes in a wrap one night, and stomached them just fine. The mushy texture was masked by the delicious goodness of crispy chicken.

Then, another day while I was eating out I received a salad with my meal. It had tomatoes in it. I ate those too.

Finally, the tipping point came this past weekend when I was at the horse track. It was around 8:30 and I hadn’t eaten since noon. So I got a burger from the canteen. I was standing at the garnish line, looking for pickles, when I saw the tray of tomato slices. I added one large slice.

I actually added tomato. It wasn’t already on the food, I willingly threw on the burger.

So tomato, I’m sorry I avoided you for so long. My tastebuds are different now! I like foods now that I never used to touch (mushrooms for example), and you can join the club.

So, see you later tomato, maybe I’ll see you on a BLT sometime?

Dear onion, you’re not so bad either. I’m not quite sure if we’re friends like the tomato yet, but I’m trying.

Dear apples, I still hate you. Don’t even try and compare yourself to oranges, who are delicious and fun to eat.

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Tale of a New Car and a Shattered Light

It's been just about three weeks since an update and this blog is well overdue for some fresh material.

Skipping through all the boring details of the new job, new apartment, and lifestyle changes, here's a photo of something that happened roughly an hour and a half ago:
That, my friends, is a shattered globe from a light fixture. How it ended up on the floor is a long convoluted tale, complete with photos! So, lets start at the beginning.

This story begins back in Alberta. My car insurance was stupidly expensive, and my car plates were about to run out. So I said "I'm not going to pay a single cent more to this damn privatized insurance racket!" and told my insurer that I wasn't going to pay my insurance bills after June, so they'd better cancel my policy. This wasn't a very prudent decision in hindsight, but I digress.
I drove my car (Glenda) to Saskatoon, and she was great on the highway! It was a fine final cruise to take with her. The end of June approached and I decided to it was time to get my car safetied to I could pick up some Saskatchewan insurance.

Well, as it turns out, SGI inspections are seriously tough cookies when it comes to out-of-province cars. My passenger side visor clip was broken, my heater only ran on high, and my wipers work kind of funnily, all of these, among other things, stopped my car from getting safetied. Seriously.

So it was time for a new ride! My dear old dad, who is better with cars than I could ever hope to be, found a couple of chariots. I settled on an '05 Ford 500. It's pretty nice!
Although I miss the bench seating that Glenda had, and from a full stop the 500 doesn't have as much power, it's got way better brakes, suspension, a CD player instead of cassettes, better climate control, windows that work, and a very comparable trunk compared to my old car. Plus it's not as terrible on fuel.

So I went to Pierson to get the car and visit with family. My niece Elizabeth was there, and since I saw her at Christmas she screams a lot less and can suppourt the weight of her own head now.
Before I left my mom put together a package of towels and stuff that I had left in Pierson from my highscool graduation. One of things she snuck in was a Sou'wester from Nova Scotia I got when I was a young teenager. When I got home to Saskatoon, I was describing this hat to my girlfriend over the phone, and she had no idea what it looked like. So I told her I'd take a picture of me wearing it.

Fast forward to today.

After work I cleaned Glenda out (as best as you can without a vacuum) and was going to take a couple pictures to put online with an ad. As I grabbed my camera I though "Hey, I have this silly hat here, I'll get two birds stoned at once and take a picture of me with it on!"

So I set the camera ever so carefully on a ledge. I delicately put the camera's timer to the two second mark, and hit the picture button.

At the last second, I decided it would be a good idea to wave at the camera. I threw my hand up, smacked the light globe, and tried to catch it.

This is of course when the camera took the picture.
You can see the globe just off the corner there, barely out of my reach. Which is how I ended up with this:
I had to drive to Canadian Tire, where I thought I could fine a globe and a broom in one shot, but no dice. Just the broom. The globes I wanted were all sold out.

And so that is how This:

and This:

Equaled this:

And that my friends, is why you don't take silly pictures of yourself while unattended.

RJD2 - 1976