Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Last Day of Work

Yesterday was my last day of work in Grande Prairie. As of Monday, June 13th, I've lived in Grande Prairie for 2 and a half years. I accumulated quite a bit of "stuff" with which I adorned my office wall.
And I suppose as a final farewell, it was fitting that I should have to clean my wall off and leave it as a mainly clean slate. here it is afterwards.

We had a few beers and some cake as a going away party.

I've been cleaning up after myself and getting ready for my big move on Thursday. Then it's off to Saskatoon to start my new job! If you want to come by for a beer tonight, I'll be at Fred's (located downtown Grande Prairie) The Vancouver Canucks were very inconsiderate to drag this years playoffs out to game 7, so you'll have to show up early to get a seat because the bar is going to be packed!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Say it Ain't So!

Today is indeed a sad day. I read on Adweek today that the ad agency responsible for the wacky and weird ad campaign for Skittles no longer carries them as a client.
After some corporate reshuffling on the part Mars(yes, as in the chocolate bar), as of September a new ad agency will be taking the helm of the Skittles commercials.

Which sucks. This campaign has featured some of the most hilarious ads over the years, some of which are definitely personal favourites. Skittles was putting out commercials that were “Weird For No Reason” far before it was the norm.

These spots have always been delightfully weird, and I'll really miss them. Lets relive the glory days together. Here's a few of my favourites, enjoy!