Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Lack of New Material

I promised new and exciting content last week. This week i don't have much to deliver unfortunately.

But, since I've started a new job, I figure now is as good a time as any to showcase some of my new work! So sit down, turn your speakers up, and have a listen. Here's a few my latest commercials hitting radios in Saskatoon right now!

Kelray Automotive - Stoners

Fabutan - Mystic Spray Tan Valentines

Wired 96.3 - Master Button Pusher

Thoughts, comments, extremely insulting anecdotes about my choices of footwear, lay em' on me!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Just Keeping up Appearences

I’m definitely overdue for a new blog entry, seeing as how it’s been roughly a month since my last entry.

Why? Laziness mostly. I haven’t really been doing much aside from playing video games and drinking coffee, and I mean that in a very literal sense.

I was given a French Press for Christmas, and lordy lord does it ever make a huge difference in the coffee you’re drinking!
Also, I have a new job. I’ve had a bump up in my career, and am now the Creative Director of Wired 96.3, a dance music and party-time station. So now instead of writing ads about cows and auctions sales, I write about the bar scene and hip clothing.

However, I’m the only writer at the station, so I’m director of myself. Last week I issued a memo to myself:

“Attn: Jake Hammell
From: Wired 96.3 Creative Director

Stop being so good looking, you’re distracting the entire creative department.”

And that’s about it! I'll have something interesting to blog about next week, I promise!

PS, you may have noticed the train wreck of a new header. I’m working on my blog’s design now that I have access to photoshop at work and this was my first effort. Here's something else I created last week. Let me know if you can see what I did...