Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bill and Ted and the Alternate Reality

Even wonder if the past was changed and we're living in a weird alternate reality? Well guess what, there are two movie franchises that I'm certain are the living example of this subject:

 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Wayne’s World

I know what you're thinking: "Jake, this makes perfect, please elaborate." I'm glad you asked! First, let's get up to speed with a couple plot refreshers
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Two burnout highschool students who dream of becoming rock stars need to complete a history report or they’ll fail school and be separated from each other as a result. This is disastrous because it turns out Bill and Ted’s band (Wyld Stallions) saves mankind and turns Earth into a utopia. So George Carlin travels back in time, gives them a time machine to help to do their history report, etc etc, everything works out and they go on to live a successful life and change the world.

Wayne’s World

Two burnouts who probably didn’t complete highschool host a late-night cable tv show and generally lay around Aurora, Illinois not doing much.

So that’s the scene. Now here's the plot.

Wayne’s World is an alternate timeline to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. First things first: Look at these guys! This practically closes the case right here!

Now here's what I think went down between Bill and Ted and Wayne's World. After a mind-bending time travel experience, the guys can't cope with high-school and drop out. Ted, whose father threatened to send him to military school, runs away to Aurora Illinois and changes his name to Wayne.

Bill, having gone through the harrowing experience of traveling through time runs away, and suffers from extreme PTSD, becoming a shell of his former self. He eventually tracks down his old friend and changes his name as well.

Knowing they couldn’t talk about their time travel experiences to ANYONE, and that they've destroyed the future-timeline described by George Carlin, they assume different personalities and bury themselves into the rock/slacker scene of the 90s.

Cue the opening scenes of Wayne’s World - the movie that is the actual sequel to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Mind blowing stuff, I know.