Monday, 29 October 2012

Saskatoon Halloween 2012

Hey, long time no blog! Haven't really been doing much lately, so since I finally did something worth mentioning it's time for an update on the "making of" process of this year's Halloween costume.

I started off wanting to make a giant Connect 4 game, but finding cardboard was proving difficult. Thankfully a coworker had a giant pile bamboo sitting in her office and after some thought I decided it would formed the base of my new costume.

I wanted to make a giant cage in which I'd be strapped inside of, looking like a captured werewolf. Jen dressed as hunter who'd captured me. Here's a few more photos of the process:

After gluing together all the sticks I bound every joint with hemp. It gave it a pretty cool look, but a bit more jungle-esque than intended.

So after that was all done I bought some plastic chains at Canadian Tire. Unfortunately the cage was just too big and unbalanced to truck around with all night. I must have spent a solid hour and half trying to get the costume to hold right, but it the end it had to be ditched. Cool idea, too difficult to execute.

So I switched gears and reworked the idea hours before going out for the night. First I made Jen a gun out of foam board and a black-painted bamboo stick. I was pretty proud of this one actually, it turned out really well and surprisingly sturdy.

I had ordered some fake werewolf nails in the mail that didn't arrive (along with several other costume parts I'd been awaiting) so I filed down some cheap-o plastic nails and painted them up.

I had an old dress shirt so Jen put a bullet wound in it and covered my face and chest with hair from a nappy wig. We used this stuff called Spirit Glue to attach it, which worked fantastic. It worked so well in fact that I still have glue all over me. It's impossible to get off. I took the chains from the cage and made a neat-o body restraint from them.

Here's Jen's costume. She bought a men's shirt and did some sewing to give it a more ladylike figure, sewed together a belt, made some scars out of make-up and wood glue, and accented it with a bandolier of bullets. Her costume turned out pretty mint as well!

Here I am looking award as possible with all the make-up on. You can't see it, but I also had a tail that I made from leftover hair, a shirt sleeve, and a coat hanger. It worked really well and actually bobbed around when I walked. Other that it riding straight up my bum whenever I say down, it was pretty much perfect.

It also stuck itself straight into a girl's crotch area. Definitely one of the most awkward moments of the night.

Here's a few more from the bar. Below is a coworker who had the "Worst Costume Ever." Probably my favorite one from the entire night.

Here's Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Ultra drunk Buzz Lightyear.

And that's about it! Happy Halloween everyone!