Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Dodgey Situation

It’s Wednesday, and that means one thing:

It’s Dodgeball Night.

To get some semblance of physical/social activity, I joined a dodgeball team, and have been playing every week since the start of February. I have a ton of fun, and it’s a good excuse to feel good about beaning someone with a large foam ball as hard as physically possible.

Oh, our team name is the O'Houlihans, like Patches from the movie Dodgeball.
I even made a team logo based on Patches

Okay, now to cut to the chase: Here’s a few photos of from last week’s game.

That’s me in the blue, where the our line is all ready for the first match of the game.
Yes, that one dude is wearing a kilt. And yes, he's awesome.

Here's the second line, just as all the balls have been snatched
The jokes about big balls never get old either.

Here's one of our players after everyone else had been hit. She's the last one left, and if I remember correctly, she got taken out pretty quickly.
Here's a couple more photos from when there were just one guy left on our side. Big time action shots!
That's my boy Devin Sauer up above! He's like a Mongoose. He looks cuddly and adorable, but strikes when you least expect it.
And here's the final score. We were tied for the last match, and it came down to a sudden death 1 VS 1 match. This game got super duper intense! We were competing to stay in second place and managed to squeak this one by. The team we played was awesome, so this was a hard fought win.

I'll do more updates on the season once playoffs come around.

And remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines day everyone! I know not everyone is a big fan of this day, consumerism is bad, it's just a shill, blah blah blah.

As for me, I'm pretty indifferent to it. It's an excuse to have a themed party and eat candy all day. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, I wrote some splitters for my station that we're playing today. i think they're pretty funny, and quite heartfelt. By the way Mom, you don't want to listen to the first one.

Wired 963 - Valentines Day 2012 - November by jacobhammell

Wired 963 - Valentines Day 2012 - Chicken Skin by jacobhammell

Wired 963 - Valentines Day 2012 - Weird Kid by jacobhammell

Happy Valentines day everyone! Go drink some whiskey, eat chocolate, and enjoy some fried chicken.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Foolin' In Photoshop: Cale Truckin' Inc.

So my buddy Cale from Grande Prairie has started his own trucking company, and he's putting together a website. His brother, who is a graphic designer, was going to make it for him, but I told Cale I could do a pretty amazing job.

I mean seriously, why would you hire a graphic designer when you can hire Hammelltime Productions? I'm fairly well rounded, and I do pretty much every kind of media work ever.

So I went ahead and created some sample headers for his website. I'll also mention that his company name is just a number, and doesn't have a positioning statement, so I took some liberties and gave him both.

So, I present to you the first of many future blog entries;

Foolin' in Photoshop: Cale Truckin' Inc.

Click on images for larger versions

Boom. That just happened. I think it's safe to say I'll be getting some calls for serious web design work. Here's an actual quote from a satisfied customer:

"hahahahahaahahahhaha those are fucking awesome
-Cale Neville"

" I don't even have a website, but am considering getting one so [Hammelltime] can design it.
-Joel Gasson"

So yeah, feel free to contact me, Here's my business card

photo and clothing credits go to my girlfriend