Monday, 18 March 2013

My Wayward CD Wallet

I found about a month and half ago that the CD wallet in my car was missing. I’d like to say they were stolen so that I could shift blame from myself, but it’s just as likely that I set it down on the inside of my car door and it flopped out into a parking lot.

This is what the CD wallet looked like by the way (except black).

 It’s super cool and totally stole this from my little sister.

I’d be upset over their loss, but of the 15 or 16 discs that were in it, I only listened to about 3 of them, one of which was in the CD player at the time. But they were really good CDs.

The first: Stunt – Barenaked Ladies

I jam to this one on sunny days. Of all the CDs I’ve ever owned, this is the one I can consistently say that I listened to the most. I got for Christmas from Santa when I was 11 or 12, and from all the CDs that I’ve lost over the years, at no point has this disc gone wayward. Needless to say, I’ll be tracking down a new copy of this ASAP.

The Second: Maroon – Barenaked Ladies

 Yeah, you’re probably noticing a trend here. This was a great happy sounding album, with super depressing lyrics. Probably the best album ever from BNL. I don’t remember who gave me this disc, or when I got it, but I’ve been listening to it on repeat for years and years. Luckily this one was in the CD player, so I’ve still got it!

3rdBurglar – SJ the Word Burglar 

This is as white and nerdy as it gets when it comes to hip-hop. The Word Burglar is a guy from Toronto who makes his living writing clever rhymes and reading comic books, and that’s pretty much exactly what this album is about. So whoever found this one is either going to really love or really hate this CD. This one isn’t a big loss because I bought it as a digital download, I can just reburn the album.

And that’s about it, I can think of maybe 3 other CDs that were in the wallet, but I don't remember the last time I listened to any of them. Plus, I had the foresight years beforehand to save all the music to my computer. So I’m A-OK and haven’t really lost anything. It just kinda blows to only have 1 good CD in my car.

So, what are some of the discs you've lost over the years, and any suggestions as to what my new jams should be?