Thursday, 19 September 2013

Birthday 2013

I'm always really proud of the cakes my dear Lady Friend whips up for me, and this year she decided to try making a 3d cake with sugar sheet icing on it.

That's the final product! She decided to make me a beer bottle cake just because, and since Pacifico is one of my top ten favourites she settled on that being the brand.
First she baked several small round cakes, with a touch of yellow dye in them to give it that yellow Mexican Cerveza colour.

 Then she sliced them in half, lined 'm up, and this made the bottle portion.

Then, with scrap pieces, she assembled the neck. Afterwards she said she wished she'd made it a bit longer, but it looked pretty okay to me!
Then she made some brown icing, which apparently took some réal effort to get right, glued all the layers together and chilled it.

Then I took a sugar sheet, which is like paper but edible, and traced out a logo I printed with an edible marker. Jen then painted it in using some type of dye/alcohol product....

And bam, we stuck it on like a sticker with only a couple little mistakes

Pacifico beer cake created! Tastes good, looked good, and a few people didn't even realize it was a cake.

So that's about that. Birthday 2013 complete, did some drinking, got a nice new coffee press to be a snob at work with, and did a muff diver shot with zambuca in it. Terrible combo.